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Internshipgov.in  is a CSR initiative taken by CMAI Association of India, the Asia’s only integrated professional registered Association in India for Mobiles, Telecom, ICT, Education, Cyber Security, Communications, Multimedia, Manufacturing Industries and Infrastructure Sector having more than 48,500 members. It is an apex premier body with more than 54 International and National MOU partners and representatives all over the world.
We help young talent to find the right internship to kick start their career.We feature internship opportunities all over India and abroad, which help you to gain exposure to real-world problems and amplify your opportunities for faster advancement and augmentation. Gaining industry knowledge will undeniably provide you a competitive edge over the others.

The interns will be issued a certificate of CMAI Digital Ambassador for their respective campus. The promising interns will be getting full time jobs in Association or with its members.

If you are a student currently pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and looking for high-impact opportunities or an organization looking for hiring young talent, you can get started by searching for internships/interns by browsing available opportunities by location and qualification.

CMAI and its associate association TEMA are running in 26th years of its establishment and are actively engaged with Government for policy formulations for Digital India, Make in India, Skill India, Start Up India. CMAI/TEMA are also actively engaged with AICTE,CBSE, UGC, Association of Indian Universities and several Universities and Colleges/Schools. Internship is internal CSR initiative of CMAI/TEMA.

CMAI/TEMA are known for Summit and Awards for ICT World Communications, Excellence in Leadership, National Education events  throughout India, International Education events at Singapore, Las Vegas USA, France, Geneva, African Countries. Details are available at www.cmai.asia, www.tematelecom.in, www.ictwca.com, www.nationaleducationawards.com

The internship can be done either in the office of CMAI or in the industry. Internship can be of two types: Physical Internship which is done physically in the office/industry or Virtual Internship which can be done virtually over the internet. The interns can choose any of the two types of internship as per their convenience. The promising interns will be getting full time jobs in Association or with its members.
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Why Internship?

Students get real life exposure in industry environment and opportunity to put to trials whatever they have learnt so far. It helps them to build up networking with real life contacts in industry world. It helps students to assess themselves if they are fit/interested for a particular job /career/ service. It also helps an employer in gauging a student’s aptitude, since grade inflation has undermined the reliability of academic grades. Apart from these benefits, internship also adds to the resume of the students which multiplies one’s chances of being hired.

CMAI/TEMA helps youth in providing internship and jobs for fresher in the following ways:

  1. Internship in the office of CMAI/TEMA in India and abroad
  2. Internship in the units of CMAI/TEMA Members about 48,500 Countrywide
  3. Internship with NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), Government of India
  4. Internship with Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
  5. Internship with Reserve Bank Of India
  6. Internship with Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  7. Internship with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
  8. Internship with Department of Telecom, BSNL, MTNL, CDOT, TRAI, TEC etc.
  9. The Woman Internship Programme of CARE India
  10. Internships at PRS Legislative Research
  11. Internship with Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India
  12. Offers to join as Apprentices sin units/members of cmai/tema

Difference between Internship and training 

  • The key difference between the two is unlike a trainee program, employment at the completion of an internship is not guaranteed. Training is provided to the permanent employees of the Company either they are existing employees or new employees. After completing the internship term, you are not bound to work for the Company. While in case of training, you remain the permanent employee of the Company.
  • Internship is for a fixed term, which can be up to 1 month to 12 months. After completion of internship, you are awarded with a certificate. However, training provides no certificate and often the term of training is less than internship. However, you can ask for a certificate also after training, which Company may issue at its discretion.
  • Internship can be paid or unpaid. Sometimes companies charges fees from Government or institutes for providing internship. While employees are paid according to their fixed salary/employments during the  training.
  • Internship is compulsory for most degrees like Engineering, Finance and MBA programs. Training is not compulsory in most of the cases as sometimes new employees come with already gained experience. However, AICTE and HRD Ministry a likely to make internship compulsory for 2/3 months for all degrees shortly.

Who can apply for internship?

Interns traditionally may be fresh students from college/university, high school students, or post-graduate.  However CMAI/TEMA also entertains interns who have passed out earlier or who are keen to acquire requisite skill/experience in a particular field or technical area. The intern positions are always temporary, but on successful completion, the candidate has preference of getting jobs also. Depending upon the situation, the intern may be with or without any remuneration or to be paid by candidate in some cases especially for high technical skills like 3D printing, cyber security, big data etc.

Internship in CMAI/TEMA

As an association CMAI offers summer internship  to you and other students in association office, where various types of events/conferences/seminars/exhibitions etc. are being organized.

Trainee has option to select his own topic. Most of trainees opt for marketing of an ongoing event. But some prefers to do technical work.

. Hence Trainee has the option to select any of following works during internship:

  • Either organizing an upcoming event,
  • Plan an independent event, seminar, conference, summit
  • Strategy for marketing and promotion of our programms in education, ICT, mobile, telecom
  • Cyber security related project and strategy
  • Study of higher education, secondary education
  • Strategy and studies for Digital India, Make in India, Skill India, Start Up India
  • Promote www.yraclub.org which is our social site
  • Make some software/website/database
  • Strategy or make new social site for engaging students/youth on media on the lines of facebook/twitter etc.
  • Designing and strategy for marketing and development of our websites like www.cmai.asiawww.tematelecom.in etc.
  • Trainee can be put for research of some topic relevant to telecom, IT, trade and commerce etc. Research can be based on secondary data coupled with some interviews as primary data.
  • CMAI can also put students on summer internship at Korea/Taiwan/Japan/ China/Singapore/Bangkok/Mauritius/USA etc. CMAI also extends offer to join International Conferences/ Events / Exhibitions in India and other Countries. You will have to bear the expenses for travel, stay etc.

Facilities during internship

During the period of summer internship and thereafter till completion of studies (or even thereafter if required), students would be given option to attend and join various CMAI events and conferences. That will give opportunity to interact and meet various senior officers from Government and Industry.

If students have any programme to visit outside India during internship or even thereafter, then CMAI can also extend invitation to join telecom/IT events being held in those Countries, being sponsored by CMAI. Students have to bear the travel/stay expenses. The entry fees for events/exhibitions shall be paid by CMAI.

No financial commitment from Association. Students are expected to bear all the expenses relating to internet, report writing, travel etc.

However, Association will of its own reimburse or pay some nominal out of pocket expenses entirely at its sole discretion. Association may also offer PG accommodation to students for their stay at Delhi, subject to availability at particular time.

Facilities after internship

We encourage students to take up jobs after study with CMAI or members of CMAI and they get first chance for interviews and selection.

Even during the internship, the deserving students are offered careers/jobs, if found fit.

Subject to merits and capabilities of students, Association will recommend suitable candidates for placement to its members within India and abroad. However it should not be construed as assurance in any way.

CMAI Buddy for Internships

Generally all the internships are allotted one employee as Buddy, with whom you can discuss and sort out day to day matters. The Buddy is supposed to be your friend, guide, motivator for all official or personal matters.

Formalities for internship

.CMAI welcome letter from student and/or Institute, depending upon policies of Institute. The iternship would be confirmed by email. Certificate would be issued after completion.

The report shall specify in the beginning itself: ” The report has been carried out under supervision and guidance of CMAI, who has all rights to use the report or its contents for any purpose whatsoever including but not limiting to printing, putting on website for public information.”

Start and Finish of internship

CMAI is open to start and finish internship any time. It depends upon the requirement of Institute and wishes of students.

Virtual Internship by CMAI/TEMA

A virtual internship is a work experience program where the intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

Virtual interns be in touch with their employer online through different means including email, SkypeWhatsapp, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, SMS (text) messaging, etc. Virtual internships are undertaken by both students and graduates. Virtual internships are nowadays growing in popularity due to improving technology and the expansion of social media.

When people think of a Virtual Internship, they have a perception that it’s easier and doesn’t involve much work and you don’t get hands on experience, etc. But, these all are myths.

Firstly, there is a lot of work that comes with virtual internships. The good part is although there are many assignments and deadlines to meet, you can complete the work in your own time. It isn’t like a regular internship where you have to work continuously during specific hours. You need to hand in assignments on specified time, however you can work on them during a time that is convenient for you!

Benefits of Virtual Internship

The foremost benefit of an online internship is that all the resources you need are on your computer/laptop. This is quite convenient because most of the students carry their laptops around anyway and you can work from wherever there is an internet connection.

One important thing to note when looking into an online/virtual internship is your phone and email etiquette. Generally, contacting with your boss, co-workers, and potential clients will be via email and phone, therefore it is essential to note that you are being professional in your conversations. Candidates for virtual internships have a benefit when they are fluent in using new media.

Holding a virtual internship does have some necessities, but is a great opportunity for someone who can’t find time to hold a full-time internship but is willing to gain some experience in their field. This will also give an indication to future employers that you are familiar with being professional in your communication and have knowledge of the online world.

As you can see Virtual Internships can be a great opportunity for anyone!

What after Internship?

After completion of internship in CMAI/TEMA, you have following options to proceed in lifer for career:

  • You could become a CMAI Digital Ambassador:

CMAI/TEMA is  looking for candidates with a flair for marketing that are adept and also exude confidence and positivity. We expect high level of professionalism and a strong work ethic from the interns. The interns will be issued a certificate of CMAI Digital Ambassador for their respective campus. Moreover, the Ambassador, who will carry out all his/her work in a virtuous, diligent and an efficient manner, will be awarded with the title  “ CMAI/TEMA Digital Ambassador” “Best CMAI/TEMA Digital Ambassador” of their city/campus/university/college. A separate certificate of appreciation will be issued for this.

  • Apply for job in CMAI/TEMA or its members
  • Apply for job in other places with certificate from CMAI/TEMA and you can also quote CMAI/TEMA as one of reference/recommendation point.
  • Apply for higher education in India or abroad with recommendations from CMAI/TEMA.
  • Start your own industry/start up with technical and financial assistance from CMAI/TEMA kits members.
  • Become self employed by way of dealer/distributor of products of CMAI/TEMA Members or others.
  • Start your own event Company with full support and backing from CMAI/TEMA.
  • Apply to CMAI/TEMA for scholarship for higher education in AICTE approved Colleges.
  • Apply to CMAI/TEMA fore skill up gradation programs with NSDC approved Sector Councils.
  • Become promoter of CMAI/TEMA events